Apple Watch Screen Protector Kits

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Nova Screen Protectors combine military-strength materials with the smooth, aesthetic properties of glass to form a hybrid glass that does what traditional glass screen protection can't: it absorbs and disperses impact to prevent cracks and shattered screens.

Hybrid Impact & Scratch Protection

Military-grade materials combine with the properties of glass to create powerful protection with a smooth finish. Nova Protector is made with tough, durable components that have been refined to a polished, glass-like surface.

Chip and Crack Protection

Nova Protector won't chip which prevents cracks from starting and spreading. The tough, durable components protect your screen from scuffs and scratches, while retaining their smooth, glass-like properties.

Easy Application

We've made the installing your Nova Protector easy so you get perfect alignment the first time.

Works With All Apple Watches & Nova Watches

Choose the case size that matches your Apple Watch or Nova Watch




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