Apple Watch Ultra Crystaluxe Ice X Case & Band

$129.99 USD $799.99 USD
Case Size:

Experience the exquisite elegance of Crystaluxe. Crafted with precision our watch cases radiate a mesmerizing transparency that showcases the beauty of your Apple Watch. Discover a new level of sophistication and style with our crystal-clear masterpiece. Our vision of transforming the world's best technologies into something beyond the ordinary continues.Apple-Watch-Ultra-Glacier-X-Case-Band-1

Band Sizes

The Nova Apple Watch Ultra Crystaluxe Ice X Case & Band comes in one size because it fits most wrists and is easily adjustable.Apple-Watch-Ultra-Glacier-X-Case-Band-3

What’s in the Box

Nova Apple Watch Ultra Crystaluxe Ice X Case & BandApple-Watch-Ultra-Glacier-X-Case-Band-5

Tech Specs

Material: Polycarbonate Case & Fluororubber Band

Water Resistant: Will not affect the water-resistant of your watchApple-Watch-Ultra-Glacier-X-Case-Band-5 colors

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